Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Painted Violins

                                Parkway Series #501   oil    front of Violin  @ milepost 372

                                                        Craggy Pinnacle Tunnel

                                    donated to Roanoke Symphony Orchestra Fundraiser

                                    Parkway Series #502   oil  Back of Violin    @ milepost 110

                                         donated to Roanoke Symphony Orchestra fundraiser

The Beauty of Light

                                                Parkway Series #  500     12 x 16  oil    Sold

I never tire of trying to capture the Beauty of Light.  This milestone of 500 paintings posted on my blog is a challenge I will definitely continue. My next goal is 750!  Thanks to God for the inspiration, the skill, and the ability to still paint the Beauty of His Creation!!!

Winter Reflections

                                                 Parkway Series #  499     12 x 16     oil    $350.  

Even though we have not had any snow this year , I reworked an old painting that was a summer creek.  It is fun to  look back at old paintings that failed miserably and bring them to life again.