Monday, July 14, 2014

Illuminated Thoughts

Parkway Series #428     12 x 16   oil   $195.

Have you ever looked at the light coming through a tree and felt a tingle of excitement?  Is it a feeling of hope or beauty or truth or a revelation of the Presence of a Creator?  Maybe it is all of this rolled into an experience that my heart wants to capture in paint.

Enjoying the Day III

Parkway Series #427    12 x 16   oil    $195.

Enjoying the Day II

Parkway Series #426    12 x 16  oil    $195.

Enjoying the Day!!!

Around the Bend at Sunrise

Parkway Series #425  12 x 16     oil     SOLD

Peaks of Otter Lodge and Reflection

Parkway Series # 424  11 x 14   oil   Sold

I will be painting again at the Peaks on  Saturday July 19th.  Come on up and paint with me!  My plein air group usually  paints at the Peaks once a month.   This is the plein air painting of the lodge I completed last month.  Also, the Ridge and Valley Plein Air Painters show has been extended.  Susan Oller, Rachel Lawson and I have paintings on display in the lodge until the end of August.