Sunday, November 25, 2012

October Beauty

Parkway Series #397  12 x 16   oil    Sold

Parway Series #398   12 x 16   oil    Sold

Several weeks ago, my "plein air" painting group got together and painted on the Parkway in the late afternoon.  I was able to finish two paintings on location around milepost 100.  #397 is from the Quarry overlook and #398 is from the Great Valley overlook.  I am so glad we got in our last outing of the year while the weather was still good. Looking forward to the Spring already!

Visual Memories

Parkway Series #396    12 x 16  oil   SOLD

Another version of Raven's Roost  (milepost 10) was requested by an admirer, of the beautiful Parkway vistas, who now lives in Dallas, Texas.  I am so thankful to live in Blue Ridge, Virginia and to be able to send visual memories of this area to people all over the world.  Thanks so much, Brittany, for this commission.