Monday, March 15, 2010

Morning beauty

Parkway Series #131   12 x 16    $95.

I drove up to the Peaks of Otter last Saturday morning.  Arriving at the lodge around 9 A.M. , I was amazed at the solitude.  There were very few cars parked in the lot and no one was outside.  The lake was frozen and although the snow was melting a bit there was still plenty of it on the ground.  A deer was grazing on the lawn totally unconcerned with me or my camera.  I walked all the way around her and she posed for me on several occasions.  The sun was bright and warm but the wind was very chilly.  I was having a great time shooting photo after photo (over 100!!) when I noticed my fingers were so cold they were getting numb.  After deciding that frostbite may not help my artistic endeavors, I packed up to leave, but the beauty of the morning will be remembered for a long time.

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