Sunday, September 6, 2009

Too Much Fun!!!

Parkway Series #1 12 x 16 oil $85.

Last week, my ideas were to plan and set goals and prepare for the marathon in January. However, I painted whenever I had free time and surprised myself with the completion of EIGHT paintings in one week. I am now under the impression that this is just too much fun to wait until January! I know that I have not arrived as a painter; there may be days when I cannot paint; but the fear of daily painting is being overcome by the energy and joy of doing it!!! The contemporary landscape painter,Wolf Kahn said success is in the appetite for work. If that is true then I will be successful because my appetite for painting is growing by the day. Also as I work I am seeing drastic changes in the way I approach the work. My style has changed in just one week. It may change again, who knows, but this is just too much fun to wait any longer. As of today, I will be posting one painting a day. THE SERIES BEGINS. All paintings will be numbered and posted in the order they are done.

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