Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Remake, Raven's Roost II

Parkway Series #274   12 x 16   oil    $125.

On October 25, this painting of Raven's Roost was posted;  it looks a bit different now after repainting the rocks and adding the pines on the right side and touching up a few other places.  My yearly stint of "a painting a day" got me into a mode of fast painting that I had trouble getting out of.  Even though I was not painting as much, it took me two months to slow down the actual painting process.  Some paintings really do succeed at that fast pace, others do not.  In the original Raven's Roost II, I relied on generic rocks to speed up the process.  In this makover, I took my time and tried to capture the essence of the real topography of the area.  Balancing  darker values with the evergreen trees on the right also helped the compostion.

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