Monday, September 13, 2010

Walking Beside Me

Parkway Series #256   12 x 16    oil    SOLD

While in Galax last weekend for the 75th anniversary of the Parkway, I met Tim Pegram, the retired park ranger who wrote The Blue Ridge Parkway by Foot, an incredible book about his adventures backpacking  the 469 mile trek.  So much of his writings express my views of the beauty and mystery of this road.  "Not too far into the day, an emboldened sun, filtered by the morning fog, began to warm the day and intensify the colors of autumn.... In the struggle between fog and light, the Maker of it all seemed to place his hand on my shoulder and walk beside me."  I love this quote from his book;  so many times I have felt the same sensation of God walking beside me.  Thanks Tim for a great read!

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  1. Thanks, Janet, for the ultimate compliment that can be extended to a writer. You "got" the book!