Monday, April 19, 2010

The Road of Life

Parkway Series #156   12 x 16   acrylic   Sold

I really appreciate Liza Field's article in Saturday's Roanoke Times entitled "A road isn't just a line between two points."  The metaphor of the road as human life has intriqued many through the ages.  Chaucer wrote Canterbury Tales as pilgrims journeyed the road to Europe's great cathedrals; Dante's Divine Comedy begins "midway along life's journey....".  Jesus referred to Himself as "the Way" that leads us home.  "In slower ages, the path itself, like the life it represented, had value - even sacred meaning." (Liza)  Have our 70 mph speed limits and high speed information lifestyles eliminated the appreciation for the journey?  Maybe as we travel the road of life we need to slow down, feel the Sunlight, smell the Mountain Air and appreciate a Creator God who gives us so many blessings and beauty.

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