Monday, August 30, 2010

Abbott Lake Reflections II

Parkway Series #246  12 x 16    oil    $95.

Painting is like golf.  There are days when everything you do seems like magic and then there are days that nothing you do is right!  In golf you have to think about how you are holding your head, where your feet are, how much to bend your knees, and how straight to keep your arms while swinging a club and praying that you hit the ball!  I love golf; I certainly do not practice every day like I paint but I admire those who do play every day.  Even professional golfers, however, get in a slump everynow and then.  That mystery, as to why the leaning curve seems to deflate every now and then, is probably tied into "burn out".  It is interesting that I have made it this far with enthusiasm and want to continue but I really need a break!  Since the end is in sight, I think psychological factors are kicking in, knowing that the series will be over with #260.  However, like in golf, golfers do not give up after a slump; they take a break and come back even sharper and more ready to play than ever!  I am looking forward to hitting the floor running when I return!

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